The Benefits of Pumpkin-Based Skin Care Treatments


Pumpkins are no longer just used for carving or making pies. This member of the squash family is chock full of vitamins and nutrients essential for healthy skin. Read on to learn about how pumpkin skin care treatments can benefit you.

It’s great for dry skin

Skin care treatments containing pumpkin can be used to promote new cell production and remove old skin cells for all skin types. Because pumpkin contains natural enzymes that can dissolve dry skin cells, it is a great moisturizing ingredient.

It fights acne

Pumpkin can greatly benefit those who suffer from frequent breakouts. It also contains vitamins A and T, also known as torulitine, which fight inflammation in the skin and controls excess oil. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, which helps with oil production as well.

It’s full of vitamins

Pumpkin is filled with skin-strengthening vitamins, such as vitamins E and C. These vitamins soothe, soften, and repair your skin. It can also help to promote the absorption of nutrients into the skin, resulting in a more radiant complexion.

Who knew that a fall vegetable could offer so many skin benefits? By incorporating pumpkin-based skin care treatments into your fall skin routine, you can experience hydrated, beautiful skin in no time!

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