Calf Augmentation

Procedure: 1-2 hours
Recovery: 7 days

A firm, high calf is an attractive feature that is most often seen in dancers and those who perform strenuous leg exercises or run. Genetics, previous injury and certain health conditions all contribute to poor calf and leg musculature. In addition, calf muscles are one of the most difficult muscle groups to develop with exercise. As a result, calf augmentation surgery has gained a marked increase in popularity.

What is calf augmentation?

Calf implants, or augmentation, increases the size and improves the shape of the legs. This procedure is relatively new and utilizes a FDA approved silicone implant to produce the desired increase in volume.

Calf augmentation surgery involves the use of a specially contoured solid silicone implant. Dr. O’Brien will make careful measurements of your legs to select the size of the implant that best suits your body. An incision is made in a convenient skin crease behind the knee. A pocket for the implant is then created, and the implant is placed, and incision closed.

Calf augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Surgery usually lasts about one to two hours and patients may be discharged home later that day.

How long is recovery from calf augmentation?

Dr. O’Brien will wrap your legs in a special compression bandage after surgery, which helps reduce the amount of swelling and bruising that occurs. You should plan for little or no activity, except leisurely walking, in the week following your surgery.

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