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Hear what people are saying about Obagi C Cleansing Gel!

Marsha from Florida.

Great cleanser!

This cleanser seems to brighten my skin and doesn’t strip the moisture away. I’ve noticed that my skin gets worse when I stop using this.

Linda from New England.

Obagi C, the best skin care out there.

The Obagi C skin care products were recommended to me by my doctor. I started using this about 5 years ago because I have so much sun damage on my face. What a difference it has made!

Beth from Staten Island.

Wonderful product.

This is a gentle cleanser that works well on my combination skin. My skin is naturally normal to oily, but can be dry when using products like Retin-A so I need an all-around thorough, but gentle cleaner. This has a mild, pleasant scent, foams nicely and removes makeup and dirt thoroughly without stripping or leaving a residue.

Karen from Florida.

Obagi Products are Wonderful!

I’ve been using the Obagi products for about a month now and I see huge improvement. My sun spots look lighter, and my wrinkles around my eyes have improved. My skin feel smooth and firmer. The pores on my nose are looking better and better every day too.
I also LOVE the Obagi eye cream! Great Product!


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