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About Calf Augmentation

Do you have underdeveloped or asymmetrical calf muscles due to genetics or medical conditions? Individuals with legs that are too small or lack shape can receive help at St. Petersburg Center for Plastic Surgery through calf augmentation. Plastic surgeon Dr. John J. O'Brien Jr. offers calf implants to provide a larger and more proportionate calf muscle. This surgery is very unique and is not always offered at plastic surgery facilities, so our St. Petersburg, FL office is pleased to remain at the forefront of modern cosmetic care by performing this procedure. If you suffer from naturally small calves or wish for a more chiseled calf muscle, call Dr. O'Brien at St. Petersburg Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule a consult and learn more about your options.

Ideal Candidates for Calf Augmentation

Calf augmentation is typically a great option for men and women of all ages. The best candidates:

  • Desire volume and definition in their calves
  • Have asymmetrical legs
  • Suffer from an illness or disease such as spina bifida or poliomyelitis
  • Experienced an accident that resulted in calf deformity

Surgical Technique for Calf Augmentation

Surgical calf augmentation is completed with silicone implants of various sizes and shapes to create the appearance you dream of. At times only one implant is necessary to fix uneven calves, but for others, two implants will be used within one calf to construct the desired shape. During a consult, Dr. O'Brien will talk about your options and create a personalized treatment plan that's unique to your needs.

Calf augmentation is performed using one of two surgical techniques, subfascial and submuscular. For the submuscular technique, the implant is placed in a pocket beneath the calf muscle. During the subfascial technique, the implant or implants are inserted into a pocket of tissue above the muscle. Dr. O'Brien will carefully make incisions in the folds of the legs on the back of the knee, and he will place the implants utilizing the technique that fits your goals. Calf augmentation typically takes around an hour to complete and is most commonly performed on an outpatient basis.

What To Expect from a Calf Augmentation

You will need to use crutches for several days after surgery. To reduce swelling, legs should be elevated when lying down. Soreness and swelling are normal side effects and will begin to subside in the coming weeks. St. Petersburg Center for Plastic Surgery will recommend a stretching program and detailed post-surgery instructions to expedite the recovery. 

Frequently Asked Questions for a Calf Augmentation

How much does it cost?
The cost of calf augmentation will vary from patient to patient as it depends on the size and type of implants selected. Our office accepts many payment forms and can also help you find low-interest medical financing to help make your treatment more affordable. 

When can I start working out again?
Typically, we recommend that patients hold off on weight lifting and other strenuous workouts for about one month after their surgery. Once you have been cleared by Dr. O'Brien, you can then safely resume your usual workout routine.

How long do implants last?
On average, calf implants last for about 10 – 15 years. Depending on your age and body type, Dr. O'Brien can discuss when it would be appropriate to replace or remove your implants.

Greater Definition

Do you work your calves at the gym on a regular basis to no avail? Sometimes regardless of how much you work out, it is just not enough to provide the leg definition you desire. Dr. John J. O'Brien Jr. provides consultations to individuals who want to enhance the curves of their legs with calf augmentation. Call St. Petersburg Center for Plastic Surgery in St. Petersburg, FL for more information about how calf surgery can help you meet your goals.

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