What is ThermiVa™?

ThermiVa™ is a minimally-invasive electrocoagulation treatment to help restore women’s femininity. Using radiofrequency energy, ThermiVa™ gently heats vaginal tissues which encourages collagen production for a tightening of the treated area.

Am I a Good Candidate for ThermiVa™?

If you are a healthy individual who is looking to reduce vaginal dryness, atrophy, urinary leakage, or sexual dysfunction, ThermiVa™ may be for you. A consultation with Dr. O’Brien is needed to determine whether you are a good candidate.

What to Expect with ThemiVa™

ThermiVa™ treatments require no anesthesia, and include a series of three separate treatments over three months. Using a specially designed probe, radiofrequency energy is delivered to the labia and/or vagina to tighten tissues, reducing vaginal dryness, urinary leakage, and improve orgasmic dysfunction. Treatments often take about 45 minutes. Results will improve over time as new collagen begins to form.

ThermiVa™ Results

There is no downtime associated with ThermiVa™ treatments, so patients can return to their everyday routine as soon as they feel comfortable, including sexual activity. Many patients see improvements after just one treatment, though a series of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

If you are located in the St. Petersburg area and are interested in ThermiVa™, contact us today at 727-491-8308 to schedule a consultation.

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