What CoolSculpting Can Do for You



Are you sick of those stubborn areas of fat that just won’t seem to disappear no matter how much you work
out? If so, you may be able to benefit from the non-invasive, fat-freezing procedure called CoolSculpting. Using a special cooling technology, Coolsculpting freezes your fat cells, permanently eliminating them. Read on to learn about the many ways you can benefit from this procedure.

Non-Invasive Procedure

Coolsculpting uses fat-freezing technology to eliminate stubborn fat. This means no surgery! Treatments are quick, and can even be done on your lunchtime break. During treatment, patients can read a book, catch up on work, or nap. There is also no downtime associated with this treatment, so you can return to your everyday activities immediately.

It’s Safe

CoolSculpting is safe, being one of the only controlled cooling devices with a built-in safety measure. Cooling is safely and precisely delivered to the fat cells underneath the skin, while the skin is unaffected. Also, CoolSculpting can only be performed by a licensed professional, like Dr. O’Brien.

Boosts Confidence

For those who are unhappy with those stubborn fat pockets, CoolSculpting can eliminate them in no time, boosting self-confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it is likely to show in your attitude, which can improve your social and personal life as well.

Results are Long-Lasting

Because CoolSculpting actually eliminates fat cells instead of just shrinking them, results are long-lasting. Also, if patients are to gain weight after their procedure, they are more likely to notice an even distribution of fat in the body, rather than just in the treated areas.

If you are interested in CoolSculpting for a slimmer body contour, contact our St. Petersburg office today to schedule your initial consultation!

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