Breast Reduction

Procedure: 3-4 hours
Recovery: 10-14 days

If your large breasts are interfering with your lifestyle, if you are self-conscious about the size of your breasts, or if you are suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain, you may wish to explore breast reduction with Dr. O’Brien.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction plastic surgery (reduction mammoplasty), is a procedure in which the size of the breasts is reduced by removing excess tissue and skin.

Dr. O’Brien will remove excess tissue and skin, creating a smaller, firmer breast, and raise the nipple and areola higher on the breast to accommodate the new breast proportions and to create a smaller, natural looking breast. Dr. O’Brien uses a short scar technique, which reduces the amount of scarring and greatly improves the aesthetics of the breasts.

Am I a good candidate for breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is a frequent choice for women who are uncomfortable with their large breasts and who suffer from problems such as skin rashes and excess sweating under the breasts and breast pain.

In cases in which the breasts are so large that they cause medical problems, such as neck, shoulder and back pain, breast reduction is frequently covered by health insurance plans. Dr. O’Brien will help in determining whether your procedure is likely to be covered.

How long is recovery from breast reduction?

You will need to take at least one week off from work or school for breast reduction surgery. Some women need two weeks, but each situation varies. Dr. O’Brien will instruct you on follow-up appointments for removing bandages and stitches.

While you recover, you’ll need to stop physical activity for at least one month after surgery. You should also avoid heavy lifting.

After breast reduction surgery, you should expect to feel tired and to have breast pain. This is normal. Dr. O’Brien will give you an oral painkiller to ease you through the first few days after surgery.



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