Male Plastic Surgery Services in St. Petersburg, FL


Plastic surgery is no longer primarily for women. Now more than ever, men across the globe are receiving cutting-edge aesthetic procedures meant to improve their aesthetics in a variety of ways. We can target the face, body, chest, hair, neck, and eyelids in order to give men the precise look they’ve always wanted. The talented team at St. Petersburg Center for Plastic Surgery is incredibly experienced in utilizing plastic surgery to help men look younger and more attractive without yielding results that look unnatural or feminine.

In terms of the procedures themselves, we can offer a number of both surgical and nonsurgical services to help our male patients attain the cosmetic goals they previously thought to be out of their reach. Whether you’re undergoing an injectable treatment with a member of our staff or a surgical procedure with Dr. John O’Brien, you can rest assured you’re in the best of hands. Men from all over St. Petersburg, FL have visited our facility seeking our help in helping them regrow hair, eliminate wrinkles, reduce breast size, and more.

We offer an extensive array of services designed to enhance the appearance of men, including: