Thigh Lift

If fitness and weight loss efforts have not achieved your goals for firmer, more youthful-looking thighs, that are more proportionate to your overall body image, a surgical thigh lift may be right for you.

What is a thigh lift?

Thigh lift surgery reshapes the thighs by reducing excess skin, and in some cases fat, resulting in smoother skin and better-proportioned contours of the thighs and lower body.

The results of a thigh lift are visible almost immediately. However, it may take several months for the final results to fully develop. Following a thigh lift, skin quality is dramatically improved, both in appearance and feel. Some visible scars will remain, but the overall results are long lasting, provided that you maintain a stable weight and general fitness.

Thigh lifts are not intended strictly for the removal of excess fat. Liposuction alone can remove excess fat deposits where skin has good elasticity and can naturally conform to new body contours.

However, in cases where skin elasticity is poor, a combination of liposuction and thigh lift techniques may be recommended.

Am I a good candidate for a thigh lift?

If your weight is relatively stable, and you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and fitness, you may be a good candidate.

How long is recovery from a thigh lift?

During your recovery from thigh lift surgery, Dr. O’Brien will apply dressings or bandages to your incisions. You may be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a compression garment to minimize swelling and to support your new contours as you heal.

Small, thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain excess fluid or blood that may collect.

You will be given specific instructions that may include how to care for the surgical site and drains, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health, and when to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Be sure to ask Dr. O’Brien specific questions about what you can expect during your individual recovery period.

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