Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. However, after pregnancy, some women are unsatisfied with their bodies, no matter how much they exercise or eat healthy. The effects of pregnancy may cause their breasts to sag, lose volume, or become asymmetrical due to breastfeeding. Additionally, women may suffer from excess, sagging skin on the tummy, or stubborn pockets of fat in troubling areas. That is where a mommy makeover in St. Petersburg, Florida, steps in.

What Set of Procedures Does a Mommy Makeover Include?

A mommy makeover is a highly personalized combination of procedures, which primarily focuses on restoring a woman’s pre-pregnancy body. The most common procedures involved with a mommy makeover may include:

Depending on your specific cosmetic concerns, you and Dr. O’Brien can choose the best surgical plan to meet your aesthetic goals.

Am I a good candidate for Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeovers are for women who desire to reverse the physical changes from pregnancy. You should also be in good health and have realistic expectations of your procedure. Other reasons why you would be an ideal candidate may include:

  • If you have sagging, uneven, or deflated breasts due to childbearing or breastfeeding.
  • If your nipple-areola complex stretches below your breast crease.
  • You have breasts that are not proportional to the rest of your figure.
  • If you have loose, excess, sagging skin on your tummy and you have an undefined waistline.
  • You have stubborn areas of fat that cannot be corrected by diet and exercise.

A consultation with Dr. O’Brien is necessary to determine full candidacy for the mommy makeover procedure.

How long is recovery from mommy makeover?

Since a mommy makeover is customizable, recovery times for each patient will vary. Typically, initial recovery can last up to three weeks. Additionally, you will most likely will have to avoid strenuous exercise for at least six weeks. However, it is vital to follow all of Dr. O’Brien’s specific aftercare and recovery instructions to reduce the chance of complication.

What are the benefits of a Mommy Makeover?

If you aren’t quite feeling like yourself after having children, you may enjoy some of the following benefits of the mommy makeover:

  • Boost in overall self-esteem, the procedure may invigorate your body confidence
  • The Procedure is a full body rejuvenation leaving you with a lean exterior and pre-baby breasts
  • You can address multiple problem areas during one surgery
  • Dr. O’Brien can customize the procedures to your body

What can I expect from Mommy Makeover surgery?

In general, a mommy makeover is a comprehensive solution to addressing post-baby body concerns. With this multi-procedure approach, you can expect to excess skin reduction, skin mark reduction from stretch marks and an overall aesthetic enhancement to the body. The procedure’s work together to restore the whole body to your pre-pregnancy shape.

Frequently asked questions about Mommy Makeover

Who is the ideal candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

The ideal candidate for a mommy makeover is a woman who is experiencing the negative physical side-effects of their post-pregnancy body. However, it is recommended that a woman does not have a subsequent pregnancy. The reason for this is that the results of the procedure could be reversed by another pregnancy. The best time to have this procedure is when you are done having children for long lasting results.

What procedures can be included in mommy makeover?

For a mommy makeover, Dr. John O’Brien, MD, typically includes breast, body and skin rejuvenation. However, if you have concerns about premature aging, such as facial aging and face lines, talk to Dr. O’Brien about facial rejuvenation during your consultation. Dr. O’Brien can customize the procedure to fit specific needs using the following techniques:

  • Breast Restoration through breast lift or breast implants
  • Body contouring using tumescent liposuction and “Smart Lipo”

How long do mommy makeover results last?

For most patient’s mommy makeover results tend to be long lasting, however, this can be conditional. If a patient has a fat reduction procedure done and then subsequently gains a considerable amount of weight, the body contouring results could be reversed. As for breast augmentation or a lift, results are quite long lasting but eventually with the natural aging process some breast sagging is inevitable.

Can a mommy makeover be customized to my figure?

Absolutely! During your consultation with Dr. O’Brien, you can discuss all of your aesthetic concerns and he will provide you with options as well as his recommendations for addressing your concerns. If you have specific concerns such as drooping breasts or loss of breast volume Dr. O’Brien can advise you on the different techniques and procedures that can be used to create perky breasts while adding fullness. If your concerns are more targeted towards your midsection, such as a stretched stomach and excess fat, Dr. Obrien can discuss your options for abdomen tightening, skin tightening, that may provide a small amount of weight loss getting you closer to your ideal weight.

When is the best time to have a Mommy Makeover?

The best time to have a mommy makeover is when you have had enough after delivery for your body to recuperate and when you are sure that you are done having child birth. For best results, patients should take time after child birth to diet and exercise before a mommy makeover surgery. This is because a reduced body mass closer to your ideal weight will help create longer lasting results.

Can I have more kids after a Mommy Makeover?

You will certainly have the capability, however, if you want to preserve the results of your mommy makeover it’s not recommended. The best time to have the surgery if after you have had all of the children you plan on.

Will I have visible scars after a Mommy Makeover?

Yes, like any other aesthetic procedure you will have some visible scars. However, if you follow the aftercare instructions carefully and care for your incision sites you will have the best chance of the scars healing quickly and seamlessly over time.

Where will the mommy makeover incisions be located?

The location of your mommy makeover scars will depend on the procedures that you have done as part of the makeover.

Breast Procedures

A few different incision methods are used for breast lifts and augmentations, so depending on the type of correction needed you may have scars around the areola, going down the front of the breast, in the crease under the breast or a combination of these areas.

Tummy Tuck and Body Contouring Procedures

For procedure performed lower on the body, Dr. O’Brien will try to make these incisions in areas easily covered by undergarments or a bathing suit. For a tummy tuck, excess skin is usually trimmed away and then the skin is pulled to a tighter position; leaving the scar right above the pubic area. For liposuction, these scars are easily hidden as they are much smaller and heal faster than larger incisions.

How do I prepare for mommy makeover consultation?

In addition to following any pre-surgery guidelines Dr. O’Brien provides, a great way to prepare for your consultation is to find examples of your desired contoured aesthetic. Looking at Dr. O’Brien’s before and after gallery is a great place to look for inspiration or even bringing “pre-pregnancy shape” pictures is a great start for inspiration. Going into the consultation with an idea of what you would like to address and an open mind is the best way to prepare for a consultation.


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