Pimples…at my age?


Pimples… at my age?

Are you one of those adults who have a few acne breakouts every month around the time of your menstrual cycle? Do you ask yourself “why now, I never had acne as a kid.?” You may want to supplement with 50mg of Zinc Picolinate, also take a B Complete at this time. Acne around the mouth is typically hormonal and these two forms of supplements if taken daily will help decrease annoying breakouts.

Zinc Picolinate taken daily will help slow down the production of sebum, which is one cause for acne. It’s important to take all B Vitamins at the same time. Meaning, take your Zinc with B Complete. You may take an additional B Complete later in the day, but only take Zinc once per day.

Acne products are very useful for killing bacteria on the skin which is essential for clear skin. It’s important to have your skin condition evaluated by a licensed professional in order to choose the best products for your individual skin type. There are many products on the market, if you use a product that isn’t best suited for you, it can over dry your skin which will increase sebum production. Which can lead to more acne.

Treating acneic conditions both nutritionally and topically is your best bet for a clearer complexion!

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